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Swedesboro Day

Swedesboro Day

Councilman Sam Casella and Councilwoman JoAnna Gahrs supporting the Greater Swedesboro Business Assoc. on Swedesboro Day.

Swedesboro Republicans:

"We Listened To You and We Gave You Results....
Tax Saving$$ for Swedesboro"

* Shared services with Woolwich Twp. for better police protection and the sharing of the construction code dept. to better serve the needs of our residents. These savings will have a projected approximate positive impact to our taxpayers in the amount of over $ 4 Million dollars.

* Shared services with Gloucester County that improved our local library system and upgraded the entire building with an addition added to it.

"Swedesboro's Future Begins with You"

Salvatore "Sam" Casella
Swedesboro Council

Swedesboro Republicans

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